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In 2007, I founded Right Field Fog, a web site that covers the Cape Cod Baseball League. It was the logical step for someone who’s had a lifelong love of baseball on the Cape. The Geoghegan family has spent two weeks on Cape Cod every summer of my life, and baseball was always a part of the experience. I grew up watching the likes of Jeff Bagwell, Mo Vaughn and Frank Thomas. The league remains the premier collegiate summer baseball league in the country and I thoroughly enjoy making it a part of my summer.

Right Field Fog gets more than 300 page views per day in the summer. Below are a few samples of what I do there, as well as a few of the nice things people say about RFF. You can also check out the full site at rightfieldfog.com.

Tim Lincecum’s Bullpen Roots – Oct. 27, 2012
A Gatemen Classic – August 17, 2012
Daily Fog: Flying On – July 20, 2012


What They’re Saying

“I am a newcomer to rightfieldfog.com, and am thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks for all the great information you provide us Cape League fans, Will. Rightfieldfog.com is “one-stop shopping” for all your Cape League needs. Well done!” – Mary K. Albis

“Will, I have been following Right Field Fog since you started and this blog is now part of my summer each year! thanks again” – Steve Groppi

“After spending the better part of 5 years following Right Field Fog, I am compelled to comment on the quality of this blog. There is only one blog, and/or news source, which I feel rises to a sufficiently lofty level to cover the prestigious Cape Cod Baseball League, and Mr. Geoghegan’s, Right Field Fog, is the one. Notwithstanding that he refers to himself in the third person in his blog bio, the writing on this blog is simply outstanding. I have read virtually everything written about the Cape League in the last 5 years, and I have a very critical eye when in comes to evaluating writing. Nobody writes better than Will (including major media reporters). In addition to his outstanding writing skills, Will also displays an amazing eye for detail, a deep understanding of the game of baseball, and a fantastic ability to explain his insightful, and often witty, observations. Right Field Fog is, hands down, my favorite source for Cape League information and game re-caps. Will may not get paid for blogging about the Cape League, but somebody with half a brain should recognize Will Geoghegan’s incredible talent, and hire him, with pay, as soon as possible. My highest compliments. Bravo!!!!” – Joseph F. Cavanaugh III